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Town Hall
(607) 363-7169
72 Tannery Road, PO Box 321, Downsville, NY 13755
(607) 363-7164 (Fax)
Population - 2042

Here in the valley of the East Branch is America the way it used to be, beautiful in all seasons. Peaceful valleys and hidden hollows, rugged mountains, waving fields of corn--indeed a place for renewal. Wildlife is abundant, deer graze in meadows; wild turkeys are plentiful; beavers dam our streams, create fish ponds and challenge man with their skill and determination; quail flush from thickets; coyotes bark at dusk and the fox flaunts his plume as he darts across the road.

Colchester, with its shopping village of Downsville and including the hamlets of Cooks Falls, Horton, Shinhopple and Corbett, provides a wide variety of services for community residents, travelers and visitors.

These services come with the traditional warm, friendly helpfulness of our small mountain community. Many of them have served generations and are deeply rooted in our hills and valleys. They are here because they like it here-and they want you to like it too.

To learn more about Colchester, visit us at

Arthur Merrill
(607) 363-7169
72 Tannery Road
PO Box 321
Downsville, NY 13755

Deputy Supervisor
Janet Champlin
(607) 363-7169 72 Tannery Road
PO Box 321
Downsville, NY 13755

Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics
Julie B. Townsend
(607) 363-7169
PO Box 321
Downsville, NY 13755
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 4 pm

Town Board Meetings
1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.

Superintendent of Highways
Kenneth R. Eck Jr.
(607) 363-2239
PO Box 321
Downsville, NY 13755

Tax Collector
Antoinette Vessey
PO Box 447
Downsville, NY 13755

Town Justices
Arthur C. Edel
(607) 363-7928
(607) 363-7779 (Fax)
PO Box 461
Downsville, NY 13755
Court - 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 1 pm

Edward J. DeRosia, III
(607) 498-5774
PO Box 566
Roscoe, NY 12776
Court Night - Wednesdays at 7pm

Town Attorney
Michael DeGroat
(607) 865-6507
10 Townsend Street
Walton, NY 13856

Town Council
Gilbert Close
(607) 363-2337
PO Box 267
Downsville, NY 13755

Mark Mattson
(607) 363-9749
10790 State Highway 30
Downsville, NY 13755

Julie A. Markert
(607) 363-7814
PO Box Q
Downsville, NY 13755

Janet Champlin
(607) 363-9705
PO Box 143
Downsville, NY 13755

Board of Assessors
Gerald P. Merrill, Chairman
(607) 363-2433 (H)
(607) 363-2175 (B)
27294 State Highway 206
Downsville, NY 13755

Betty N. Watson
(607) 363-7358
PO Box P
Downsville, NY 13755

Linda Mills
(607) 363-2401
PO Box 213
Downsville, NY 13755

Planning Board
Bonnie Seegmiller, Chairperson
PO Box 83
Downsville, NY 13755

Code Enforcement Officer
Thomas Zampolin
(607) 363-7918
PO Box 321
Downsville, NY 13755

Health Officer
Dr. Michael Freeman
(607) 865-2434
118 Townsend Street
Walton, NY 13856

Kay H. Parisi-Hampel
(607) 363-2212
26669 State Highway 206
Downsville, NY 13755

Dog Control Officer
Colchester Police Department


Upcoming Events

06/05/2014 : 15th Annual Golf the Delhi College Golf Course.tournament will begin with registration and lunch at 11:15 with a 12:30 shotgun start. The cost to enter the tournament is $100 per person, which covers green fees, carts, lunch, dinner and prizes for net and gross will be awarded. For information, call the Chamber at 607-746-2281.

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