About Your Chamber

The mission of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is to help businesses succeed so our communities in Delaware County and the surrounding region may prosper.

Our vision is to be the premier “voice of business” as we work with regional partners toward sustainable economic prosperity.

We believe that our image in the community with our stakeholders--our members, elected officials, future members, regional partners, and the general public--is paramount to our success. Toward that end, we incorporate our values into our messages and actions. We adhere to these values as a means to establish trust and ensure a positive reputation as an organization that is working to help our members and our communities be successful:

We appreciate and value that our members are our core existence. Our every decision and action is driven by a desire to contribute to our members’ success.

We welcome all opportunities for cooperation and inclusion in meeting community goals. We seek partnerships in developing a common community vision.

We ensure alignment of our actions and beliefs, engage in honest self-scrutiny, develop measurable goals, seek continuous improvement, and do what is right for the broader good. We are consistent and keep our commitments.

We are true to our role as the business leader in our region and a model to others in our community. We use our influence and exhibit the skills of leaders to ensure the success of our organization and our region.